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The Falcons' Father

Posted by boxorocks in boxorocks' Blog, 24 June 2009 · 1228 views

Today our secretary came into my office and told me she'd just heard on the news that an aquaintance of mine, and the older brother of my friend had been killed. Shocked to the core, I couldn't begin to grasp that this good man, husband and father had been intentionally murdered by a young man he had tried to help. I've met Ed Thomas many times over they years, we have something wonderful in common. Football. Ed was the winning coach from Parkersburg Iowa who made men out of boys and led his team, his school and his community through the joys of hard earn success and the bitterness of stunning failure. You might know who Ed was because his little town was hard hit by an F-5 tornado last year, and he was the face and voice of the determination of Parkersburg to bounce back.

This man, this role model in the finest sense of the word was shot this morning in the weight room of the high school he loved, surrounded by 30 kids working hard to achieve their individual goals and the team goals. Coach Thomas was shot by a former star player of his who had ended up in a bad place in life. Why this young man chose to come to the weight room and end the life of one of the only people holding out a hand to help him back on his feet only God knows. The rest of us just shed bitter tears of regret for Ed Thomas's family, his friends, his associates, his born sons, and his many many Falcon sons and daughters who walked the halls of his school, played and cheered for eachother and wore the Red and Black of Falcon Pride.


Riders 4, Cows 5

Posted by Hixsond in Hixsond's Blog, 31 May 2008 · 1186 views

OK, so I'm finallly ready. Got up in the saddle last week in the arena on Mercedes (19 yo g) and trotted him around in circles to test my knees. Everything worked, no soreness, etc. Grabbed a couple of boarders the next day and asked if they wanted to help me get the calves out of pasture and into the arena.
Nobody had ever done it before (neither rider nor horse) so I thought it would, at least, be entertaining.

Kinda of like a "pre exam" exam. We tried a wedge formation and the goal was to have the flankers hold the calves to the direction we wanted them to go. All three horses got excited and wanted to run the calves. Needless to say, the afternoon was mostly spent hauling back on the horses until not only were our arms exhausted, but so were our fingers to the extent of cramping. The longer I was on Mercedes, the madder I got at him.

The flankers were consistently over riding the small herd and getting too far up on the group of calves. The calves, predictably, seeing the horses ahead of them, instead of behind them, would then avail themselves of the opportunity to duck (right or left) behind the flanker horse and run all the way back down the hill to the lake, enter the lake, walk out to the middle and turn around and stare at us. Neither of the other two horses and riders were in a hurry to follow them into the lake and drive them back up the hill. So, it fell on Mercedes and me to go get them. I have occasionally ridden Mercedes every few months for the last 14 years and had never taken him "into" water. But that didn't dawn on me because I was too angry at him for over riding the calves again (for the 12th time). So I walked him up to the edge of the lake and pushed him to go in. In one step, back up two steps, side step, back up, act like an idiot, etc.

It's hot, mid to high 90's and the Texas sun is rehearsing for it's summer run. I'm soaked, Mercedes is soaked, I'm furious with him and in the process of lacing him with every profanity I have ever heard and\or uttered. "You're going into that water, you worthless piece of gray matter" And he got enough heel, that I would later be grateful that I had no spurs on. He would surely have bled to death.

Forward he shot with a big splash, which only served to scare him more and he started bounding towards the calves.....who were, incidentally terrified at the sight approaching them. They decided pasture was better. I admit we looked like we were on a pogo stick.

By this time, my teammates had long since abandoned the pasture and Mercedes and I were left to our own questionable resources (diminshing by the minute).
But I was still enraged at Mercedes and I told him he was going to get those calves up the hill to the gate if we had to stay here til midnite.

So up the hill I went, see-sawing Mercedes every two or three steps, back to the right, back to the left, back to the right, changing direction every 5-6 feet until FINALLY we're up to the top, I figure if I jump Mercedes at them at just the right moment, they'll scoot through the gate and then on to the arena.

Problem: one of my exiting teammates had closed the gate........


Our Latest Announcement - April 17, 2007

Posted by fhl_stables in Faith Hope Love Stables Blog, 18 April 2007 · 671 views

Faith Hope Love Stables is extremely pleased to announce that
Anaza Sha Shaaa is booked to The Apostolos for a 2008 foal.

Our mare is bay and Lost is black... we can't wait to see what color we get


Fyi Don't Let This Happen To You

Posted by ShannonC in ShannonC's Blog, 06 April 2007 · 1242 views

As some of you know. I had to pick up mare from Doug, Derba Bell and Lisa Bodie-McDonald ( they had lease Debbie on Oct. 31, 2006 to breed to EL Cid) I got a call from them on Febuary 27, 2007 that I need to pick up my mare that the Collin County Animal Services are going to take my mare from Lisa Bodie, Doug and Debra Bell place. Debbie has been home from febuary 27, 2007(She was almost deadTHIS IS IN FOUR MONTHS FROM MY PLACE).
The rest are pics taken the day Animal Services went to there place. Here is all the information I have gotten from the Animal Services and this is not all of the pic s of the horses that where there. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION AND THIS IS STILL A GOING CASE. They have taken there mares off the property, they have bought back one mare that is due any day and two stallions, one donkey. PLEASE READ THE LETTER FROM THE ANIMAL SERVCIES.

I have thought, thought about telling anyone, but I can't rest knowing that they are trying to get more mares to breed and lease. When I have almost lost my mare. This is public information and you can GET everything you see here from COLLN COUNTY ANIMAL SERVCIES MCKINNEY, TX 75071 972-547-7294 from Officer Misty
Brown. Please GET the INFORMATTION YOUR SELFS at the above web site and call them. Don’t let this happen to your mare.
They are still try to lease/buy horses and posting everywhere trying to get mares.


Boyfriends For Anna & Gracie

Posted by PamL in PamL' Blog, 18 February 2007 · 653 views

I have no idea how to make a blog, but will give it a try. I can't remember how I got to A Black Horse Community. Cold outside and just surfing around looking for the most beautiful stallions I could find for Anna, chestnut, pb, sabino, & Gracie, black h/a. Found Hu Sheikh Imaan, way out in Utah, for Gracie a year or so back. Then BAM!! I found ELechtric LC and his son, Echcellerant on here. OMG !!! I have all but forgotten about Hu. Less then 200 miles from me. Maybe more then just a pipe dream for me. If the snow ever melts and I can scrape together some extra cash I will be headed to OK. to see those boys in real life. :wagonandhorses:


Rain, Finally!

Posted by Amber in Amber' Blog, 14 September 2006 · 664 views

We finally got rain here in Oklahoma, thank you Jesus! I told the kids that I have been praying for 3 days straight rain. We got it last week and last night into today. It's funny how your priorities shift, isn't it? Last summer I could care less whether or not it rained, now that we have horses to feed and keep comfy I'm all upset over lack of rainfall. The horses didn't care today. They just wanted to be fed and talked to. My little Princess, Gdansing Fire to the rest of the world, followed me to the gate and sniffed me as we left. Wow, what a lover. I find myself horse stupid now! A year ago all I wanted was for my ex to get straightened out! Now, I want our house deal to go through so I can get moved and watch my horses from my back porch whenever I want! We will only have enough room for a couple of horses (3 acres) at the house. I thought that this tiny backyard was a lot. 3 whole acres to take care of, all in my name! It's a bit intimidating. But it's what I have always wanted too! Got mares, found a stud colt that I WANT. Someone on blackhorse said something about most women have diamonds and rubies, I have horses instead (paraphrased of course). I have a princess cut, a cushion cut! They run very nicely in the pasture too! Now, just to get moved, buy some more pasture for the rest of my treasures who are coming as soon as possible!


Unraveling Family Threads

Posted by JennyM in If Horses Could Type, 19 July 2006 · 701 views

Ugh. I’ve figured out my blog is a place for me to vent, mostly to me, and maybe it’s tossing a line out to see if anyone else even gives a s***. Sometimes it’s a place for me to relive tales of the day, and to store the same. Sometimes it’s to marvel at the sense of wonderment that the horses give me. Maybe today it’s a mix of all of it. I dunno.

Ambivalence quarrels with the little girl inside of me who feels horribly betrayed and unloved. I know better. I know I should just get over it, but damnit, somedays it’s really hard to squash all of the feelings back down.

In a nutshell, I was a kid who strived for parental approval. I didn’t get in trouble, was great in school, helped at home (kept a very messy room though!), and had safe outside interests. I didn’t date the wrong boys, or do the wrong things. I got accepted to the right college (Go Blue!) and generally danced very hard to keep everyone happy. Everyone but me, that is.

Paving the family way for me was my brother, five years older. Let’s just say that the principal and police had no problem pronouncing our last name. DUI, DWI, and possession became vocabulary words for me by the time I was 11. He was still my dad’s boy though, mini-bikes, motorcycles and a fast car all found their way to him. Me? My aunt bought me a grade mare, and I immersed myself in horses. My dad verbally sliced and diced me, no matter what I did, it was not good enough. I was called names that most people would not call a dog. He did it with glee. Now I’ve been told that it was displaced aggression, that he was unhappy with “things”, and lashed out at me. Justify it how you may, but there is no excuse for it, and years later, he’s still very capable of packing a verbal punch. I’m oft embarassed that I tend to forget, drop my guard, and then get upset when he manages to push a button. You’d think I’d learn.

Back to the brother. A classic underachiever, he had few goals, and no idea or concerns about getting there…where ever that was. He was quite content to live on an Army cot in the garage in cold Michigan winters after being in a string of bungie cord relationships. Often we never heard from him unless he needed money. When he works, he’s a great worker. Unfortunately, he fell into a line of work that often sees slowdowns and layoffs. Attempts at getting him more gainfully employed were met with contempt. “I don’t *want* to work there…”

Fast forward 25 yrs:
Pulling strings, I managed to get him into Ford Motor Company, practically a ticket to work for the rest of his days. Well, dumb-a** couldn’t stay off drugs for 90 days, and got canned. I stopped helping him. At one of his ‘friend’s’ homes, he met a girl that they used to “party with”. She’s 24, and he’s 43 at the time. They get pregnant. They don’t get married, because in his own words? “It’s time that a white boy made good off the system.”

Holy F*ck, my parents didn’t raise us that way! I would have been SO ashamed if that would have been me, and here this moron is proud of it. And my parents? You know, the ones that you’d been afraid to tell something like that to? “Ohhhh, it’s okay, it’s the times we’re in!” BULLSHIT.

Maybe it’s because they didn’t have grandkids (I didn’t have any kids…just got married in 2005 for the first time…and the only kids I’ll EVER have will have manes and tails). Maybe it’s because they’re getting older, and the whole mortality factor. I have no clue. It’s a real headshaker.

I moved to Texas in 1999. Thank God. I think I’d slit my wrists if I had to live up there. He still doesn’t work steady, and thinks that if he moves to TX, it’ll solve his problems. Gosh, I don’t really want to find out, you know? I’m not helping. The whole thing pisses me off some days. I lost my job while I was here, on my own. I never called home for money. None was ever offered. Ying, yang. I somehow missed the whole illegitimate kid bus. Damn.

My dad has been taking a certain amount of joy over the last two years to make a point of what a wonderful “daughter” the baby momma is. The last lovely kicker was Father’s Day, when I made sure I sent him a nice gift and card. I always do, just me. Well, on the Friday before, he told me thanks, and he really liked the shirts, etc. On Father’s Day, when I called, (STUPID) he went on and on about how the baby momma made him the best dinner for Father’s Day, and how that’s what he really wants, he doesn’t “need anyone to send him s***”. Oh, wow, okay. Uhm, you’re welcome? And there’s been some other fun comments made since then. I really do think the man is f-ed in the head, but I need to learn how to stop personalizing our conversations. Maybe not talking to him at all will be the key.

Today, my brother calls me at work, so I can help him fix his new computer. (Not working, but a new computer). Did I mention baby momma doesn’t work, either? It would mess up her state aid. Their words, not mine.

Anyhow, he cuts our conversation short, because, “I have to go over to Mom and Dad’s and pick up diapers.”

”Diapers?” I ask.

“Yeah, they’ve been buying all the baby diapers since he was born. That really helps us out, especially with me not working,” he replies.

“I guess it would. Hey, I gotta go, but I’ll talk to you later,” and with that I ended the call.

Okay, I understand it’s their money, and all that goes along with it. But but but. And but again.

I guess I wonder what I did wrong.

Not really. I wouldn’t trade my life for his for nothing. It sort of just sucks though. Maybe it’s my hang up that money equals affection. In that family, it does. *shrug*

I really don’t know what the point is to this ramble. Except that if you have kids or a wife or a husband that you like to verbally berate because you’re not happy, stop it. It’s assinine. It’s immature. It’s damaging to everyone concerned.

All I know is right now, I don’t feel like I belong anywhere. Except in a stall, hugging Murf.


Please Help!

Posted by gi_jodi in Looking for others who have had dealings with Lindsey Rice., 28 March 2006 · 530 views

I am doing research involving Lindsey or Wendy Rice of Ferndale, Wa. If you have had a good or bad horse related transaction with Lindsey or Wendy please contact me.

On My Own

Posted by in DreymBay's Blog, 06 March 2006 · 679 views

Well, I've gotten into a routine with the yearlings regarding their schooling. After their breakfast, I remove their clothes and school them individually before putting them out to play for the day. I'm amazed at their retention rate and I've successfully worked all of the exercises that Claire showed me with both of them. So, I decided to add a little something that I know will be necessary and that I know how to get done on my own - trotting in hand.

Now, if you have never schooled a horse to do this before, here is how I do it. My horses lead well at my side - from both sides - but now I need them to trot on command. First rule, don't get out in front of them and try to pull them along! With the lead in your right hand, cluck to cue them to trot. If you don't get a trot, reach back with your left hand - the one with the whip - and give them a tap. You actually kind of turn your back on them to do this. Eventually, they will associate you turning your back to them with getting that tap to move forward. It is important to remember that you not punish them for going forward when asked - even if it is more forward than you asked for. Just try and go along with it and bring them down when you can. I use the verbal cue "hup" to slow them down. An old barrel racing habit! But it is handy if they look like they are getting too fast and will break into a canter. It is also handy under-saddle to get a horse to think about slowing down. I will also give a slight flip to the leadline along with the "hup" cue until it is learned.

Start with a few trot steps and bring them down. You really don't want them to get that idea that this is a free-for-all at the end of the lead line. Eventually, you will be able to increase the distance between you and the horse that will allow the horse to trot for the judge coming into the ring without you obstructing the view.

Remember also that the horse really needs to trot straight - for when you are leaving the judging area and moving away from the judge. I like to work on my initial trots in hand in my barn aisle. It helps control the straightness in the beginning stages.

Claire comes again either Thursday or Friday so I will have a new entry then.

Who I Am, How I Got Here

Posted by in DancingWindsArabians' Blog, 22 February 2006 · 628 views
General info

Hi! I'm Shara. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician in Northern California. Most of my Veterinary experience has been in small animal specialty medicine, but through that I have prided myself on keeping up to date an equine medicine also.

I've had horses since my mother gave me my first Qtr mare for my birthday at the age of 15. She, my mare, lived to be well over 35 years old, and life had not been kind to her. I learned alot about horse care from her, and owe her so much.

When she started getting older I thought it would be a good idea to breed her once and get a baby from her so that I could have a replacement for her. Well, we tried that, but she lost the foal at about 7 months. My roomate had also bred her mare at the same time, so that two babies could grow up together. When my mare lost her foal, we needed another baby for her foal to grow with. So when it came time to wean I went to Nevada to look at the wild horses there (my childhood dream of course involved having a wild horse to tame). I had applied for the adoption a few months before and had been approved, I only wanted to take a look at the facilities and find out what I needed to do to adopt one and take it home. So my roomate and I went to the Palomino Valley holding station outside of Sparks, NV. I only wanted to get information, and look around. Well one of the workers took us into the weanling pen. There must have been 30-40 weanlings in there! So, just looking, I started to evaluate them. I knew I wanted a filly, somewhat pretty (no roman noses), and good conformation, color didn't matter. Well, after dismissing the colts, roman nosed, ackward travelers, I kept coming back to this little buckskin filly that would bite and kick at the others to get them moving. I though "Oh no, I don't want my first Mustang to be that bold!" And went back to looking. Well, after canceling the others out due to conformation flaws, it came down to that filly. Low and behold, 1 week later with trailer, halter and lead rope, Jessie came home to Sacramento, CA.

To be continued......................... :runninghorse:

Settling In

Posted by in Runswithhorses' Blog, 14 February 2006 · 547 views

I think last week made 6 weeks on the job and in the new house. My fingers are still all attached. The steel cutting machines I use at work are pretty awesome. My welds are looking better. Once in a while I have to make a repair. It can be frustrating, but I am still learning a lot. Bending metal has been my biggest challenge so far. At least bending it so that it is the correct dimensions on either side of the bend. Metal stretches while bending and it gets tricky, especially when our tolerances are only 1/16 of an inch.

The horses are settled in. I even got in a Dressage show with Robby. She did ok. The only thing the judges didn't like was I had her in too low of a frame. That was their only complaint, however. I was frustrated at first that our scores didn't go up from last year, but when I read the comments, our low frame was really the only complaint. So now I am pretty excited as I am getting Robby in a more uphill frame and want to go try it again. My trainer teaches classical Dressage and was surprised that the judges wanted my horse more up hill at that level.

I obtained a new ferrier. Nice young guy who treated my horses well. Now I think I have found the vet I want to use. Moving is such a hassle. All the little details start popping up as time goes on. I just realized I need to contact DMV with my new address. The house is still coming together. I have a few things in boxes, but it is looking more like home. This is a nice little town.

Joy's Education

Posted by in White Horse NSH's Blog, 19 January 2006 · 667 views
Joy (black/white tobiano NSH)

Joy is my favorite NSH mare! That's of course because she's my ONLY NSH mare! :)

She's 11 years old, and is the daughter of my foundation NSH Mare, Song of Praise, who I registered as an NSH the year she was foaled (1982) when the NSHR was open to all half-Arabians. The fact that Praise was out of an unregistered Saddlebred mare, by the stallion FLA Lord Barbizon owned by Marti Grimes, was a plus. Praise was a tobiano bay/white Pinto. Joy's sire was Midnight Mirage (Jet) owned by Pam & Buddy Hester.

Joy was started under saddle several years ago by my farrier, John. He did a great job with her! Unfortunately I let life get in the way, and for a few years Joy only gave rides to neighborhood kids in the round pen, at my shoulder. She became very spoiled and it got to the point that I didn't even enjoy riding her, with her antics to evade work.

My friend Melissa has a daughter Alonna who is a FABULOUS rider and trainer in her own right even though she's still in high school, and Alonna loves the "crazy ponies" so she has Joy right now. The first few rides were rodeos, to say the least, and Joy earned herself a new barn name at the boarding stable where she is kept right now...I won't repeat it here. But anyway, Alonna has persisted, and now Joy will be going to the Pinto World show this summer!

I'm so excited about Joy's potential. I feel like, with her beauty and her talent, that she is going to come away with several World Championships. Stay tuned for some progress!

Hs Etiquette Filly

Posted by in Dick's Blog, 18 November 2005 · 766 views

HS ETIQUETTE (Simeon Sadik X Etenta by Monogramm) was just named European Champion Stallion. He is bred and owned by Shirley Watts of Halsdon Arabians. We purchased ANEKSJA (Balon X Anweripa by Eternit) last year in Poland in foal to HS Etiquette. We are very pleased with the filly.

You can see in this photo how we teach the foals to move forward on the walker by using a butt rope in addition to the head collar.

Posted Image

S & J Arabians In South-central Mo.

Posted by in nitemare's Blog, 13 August 2005 · 683 views

We strive to breed pretty and correct horses with sound minds.
Pretty is as pretty does. We do not breed for extremes or current fads.

All of our horses are trained to adapt to the environment. We do not adapt the environment to them. Shar can be saddled up and rode downtown to the bank drive thru and stand quietly while I do my banking. I can hunt off her also.

We do Wildland Search and Rescue with the city fire department. Shar can handle a ambulance helicopter landing 100 feet in front of her, or walking thru a crowded city square with over a 1,000 people and not make a fuss.

LWS Bahir Shawarh (Shar) is the leading lady at our farm. She was a rescue horse herself and is the most surefooted horse I have ever rode. She is very loving and totally trusts me in every situation we have come across. She has protected me from numerous snakes and even a cougar. She is family.

MM Kourages Idea is on the sales list, but as he continues in his WSAR training his price will only go up. If he does not sell, he will be my alternate mount. He has the same quiet courage as Shar, and the same sire line. He is 2 years old this year.

Shar has had a grey colt this year and he has turned out quite well. He has charisma enough for the ring but he has Shar's people loving and willing to please disposition, the ideal of our breeding program.
He may be offered for sale by private treaty only.

Maggie is the senior mare at our farm and is currently being broke to saddle. She is expecting a foal in 2006. She is a sweetheart, but she will not be trained for WSAR because of her age and condition. She will just be a trail horse for the family. She is a 100% American Foundation bred, 65% Crabbet/Blunt breeding. The rest is Remount and Kellogg. I may consider offers to sell her after her foal is born to an approved home with a buy back option.

You are welcome to browse our web site at http://www.geocities...sjtowing/horses

My Own Little Business (maybe)

Posted by in SanRoc Arabians' Blog, 13 August 2005 · 599 views

Well, I have placed an ad in the Giveaway section on the board and eagerly awaiting customers! Here’s to hoping it works!<vbg>

I am a stay-at-home Mom at the moment since both my girls are pretty young, though I am looking at possibly part-time daycare when my youngest gets a few months older. Still, I would like to get a little extra money so I am trying to start my own little web design business. Yay for me, I guess!-lmfao.

So the ad is there and SanRoc Designs is officially born! I really hope it works out; it would be a great business as I can do it at home after the munchkins are asleep (or when they are napping). It would not make me rich, but a little more cash here and there would always be welcome!

Well, off I go to bed, hopefully to find some emails tomorrow from potential customers:). But, I won’t forget my little tidbit of wisdom!

It never hurts to try! Well, sometimes it can hurt, but it can also be worth it! So give it your best no matter what; better to try than do nothing at all.

New Website Up And Running

Posted by in Minstrilsphantasy's Blog, 08 August 2005 · 581 views

Hi all
Well I have finally started to get my horsey website up and running. You can meet my new stallion by visiting www.ponyiq.com

Seabreeze Seeker is a beautiful 2 year old bay Sec B welsh Stallion

The Birth Of Certare Arabians

Posted by in savinggrace's Blog, 09 July 2005 · 651 views

Certare Arabians...“Certare Ingenio” is a quotation from Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura and can be translated “To use one’s skills to the best of one’s abilities”.

Perfect...what cannot be accomplished if you live up to your own Certare Ingenio? I never underestimate a person's ability to suprise themselves, I am amazed daily with what the children accomplish, and, occasionally impress myself. Farah has become what I dreamed and hoped she might become; a back pasture horse, fat and out of shape, who has turned into a beautiful show horse. I am still pushing for a fall debut under saddle, in a show ring.

Tomorrow is the big party; we are hosting a summer gathering; and have sent out in excess of 300 invitations. Planning seems to be going smoothly, and hope to enjoy the day, smile, greet and make small talk the majority of the day.

Royal Scot was lost the other day. On the market for two years+. July 19th we are able to secure a firm contract and set a closing date. Only figures a week ago the sellers accepted a contract from out of nowhere. Buyers have no interest in doing anything with the property but living there. Heartbreaking, but, obviously not ment to be. I didn't like the house anyhow. So, I have decided to focus my attention on riding daily. I am intent on improveing my skills and really getting out and enjoying the rest of the summer. Not that I havn't been, but also focusing on the children for the next few weeks, and dropping all 'work' for a while.

My Life

Posted by in lean's Blog, 09 June 2005 · 706 views

My not so wild and crazy life!
I live in Brooksville Florida and I have 3 children- a stepson Mat who I've raised since he was 2, a daughter Lindsey who just graduated from college and works form me full time until school start when she will begin her new job and a daughter Lacey who is currently in college and worried about passing her Algebra class (Math is not her strong suit), 3 dogs (2 of which supposedly belong to my youngest daughter, now 20 years old, but I think that someone forgot to tell her that if they belong to you then you are supposed to feed and care for them, so now they are mine)a dachshund named Bailey, who we affectionately call "Beetle", Lacey's show Dalmatian Lance and her year old beagle Maddison, who howls and tracks everything.
I own my own business Insurance Services of Tampa, Inc. We pick up police reports for the claims departments of Insurance Companies. Not too exciting, but I've done it since I was in high school and it helps pays the bills!
I have been married since 1981 to my husband Wes a Chemistry teacher (more importantly my old Chemistry teacher and track coach.)
We have had Arabians since he surprised me one Christmas about 18 years ago with our first beloved gelding Danmi. He was a great old guy and it was a shame when he passed away.
Since then we have acquired many others and sold a few along the way.
Wes and I both coach Cross County and Track at his High School, so right now that doesn't leave much time for the horses except to feed, groom and train. Showing will have to wait until Wes retires in 3 years.

Anything And Everything

Posted by in sarritanitta's Blog, 04 May 2005 · 573 views




The Early Years - The Patter of Little Hoofbeats

Posted by in CarrieLewis' Blog, 17 April 2005 · 694 views
Honey Creek Farms

By 1990, we were fortunate to have the elder stallion, Shallaan El Ajzaa, come to Honey Creek. Lanny was the sire of Sulaana and Shalee. We knew that his bloodlines included Ansata, Hallany Mistanny and Doyle. We knew that he was the sire of performance plus individuals. Lanny was welcomed home!

Shallaan El Ajzaa was American Foundation, Egyptian Bred, Al Khamsa, Saqlawi-Jidran Ibn Sudan pure in strain.

Posted Image

In 1991, four foals were born at Honey Creek. SRF Zarka's Joy foaled a grey colt by Shallaan El Ajzaa. His name is Shallaan Ra'Amee. Shallaan is Kuhaylan-Jallabi in strain.

Starmoniette foaled a bay colt we named Rabdan Ra'Amee. Rabdan was by Masada El Rabdan. Rabdan is Saqlawi-Jidran in strain.

Rheanna was bred to the well-know Asil Mystic and produced one of our dearest mares, Mistyanna Ra'Amee. Misty is Early American Foundation, SBV, Saqlawiyah-Al'Abd pure in strain and family. Misty works cattle, carries children on trail rides, works with handicapped children in riding therapy, is a gentle mount for beginners and anyone who wants a true pleasure ride.

Posted Image

Qastal Rahmah foaled a chestnut filly by AK Radwan Pasha. We named her Farana Ra'Amee. Farana is Straight Egyptian+*Turfa, Al Khamsa, Blue List, Saqlawiyah-Jidraniyah Ibn Sudan pure in strain and family. Farana is one of our dearest broodmares.

Posted Image

Best regards
Carrie Lewis

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