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Polish Arabian Sire Lines

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Posted 05 April 2009 - 08:26 PM

I found this article and found it very interesting with regards to the Arabian Polish bloodlines.

Polish Arabian Sire Lines

© 1996 Roxanne Rogers

In order to talk about prominent Polish sires in a coherant fashion it is necessary to look at the sire lines these stallions represent. To a breeder, the value of the mare is utmost but the stallion imparts those overall characteristics that indicate prepotency. A stallion is judged by the stamp he leaves on his offspring and this stamp is generated through the male succesors of a pedigree. That is why the Poles kept very careful records and also why to this day we can trace characteristics back through
the generations. When the Poles first began breeding purebred Arabians they had a large number of sire lines - 29 or more. All but 12 of these lines are extinct due the ravages of war. It is a testimony to the tenacity and dedication of the Polish people that there are even 12 lines available today. I will address 9 of these lines, two of which exist only on the distaff side of the pedigrees they are found in.

Line I ABU ARGUB II 1882 Slawuta.
This line is represented only by the excellent stallion Rozmaryn (born 1935). Rozmaryn was a noted sire of correct, athletic and "skookum" racehorses. His most famous daughter, Druchna produced three sires: Druzba, US & Canadian Top Ten Stallion, *Druch and Dampol. Rozmaryn also sired *Bandera, a Polish race winner and Top Ten Park horse, and Znachorka, who produced one of the most athletic Comet sons, *Zbrucz. The only son of Rozmaryn used at stud was the stakes winner, Dramat (born 1958). To my knowledge this line exists only through female lines today.

Line V BAIRACTAR 1813 Weil.
This is a most distinguished sire line and is greatly represented amongst some of the best Polish Arabians. Amurath Sahib (1932) is the main representative of this line and as a broodmare sire he dominates Polish breeding. Among some of his reknowned daughters are: Adis Abeda (dam of *Ardahan), Amneris (dam of Aramis and Aquinor), Balalajka (dam of*Bask, who still dominates the show ring), Arfa (who produced the 1st Dbl. Nat'l Ch.,*Arwistawa.), Bandola (who produced *Bajram, Bandos, Beatrice etc.), Darda (who produced *Dar, Druchna & Dbl. Nat'l Ch.,*Dornaba), Epigona (who produced Eunice, the dam of Eukalyptus & Europa, dam of undefeated racehorse, Europejczyk), and Estokada, his fastest daughter, 2/10 (8-0-0) Oaks, Crit.+5, who produced *Eter, *Esterka, *Edycja, Eskapada, &Estebna. The last daughter listed of Amurath Sahib is Gwadiana who is a full sister to his most famous son, Gwarny and the dam of *Gwalior.

The sons of Amurath Sahib are equally as distinguished as the daughters. Arax was lost to Russia as a 6 year old but permeates many Russian pedigrees today. Zlota Iwa was the only daughter of Arax left in Poland and is responsible for the lovely "Z" line which produced 1984 European Supreme Champion mare, Zazula. Another son of Amurath Sahib and the great mare Forta, Equifor, set an unbroken 1955 Derby record. However the best son of Amurath Sahib (so say the Poles) was Gwarny. He sired many wonderful broodmares and the prominent sires, Gedymin, Argos, *Polonus, Ballon, Pasat, *Perkoz (Can Top Ten Eng. Pl.), *Kirkor and *Falat (US Top Ten Eng. Pl. and Polish race winner).

Line XV IBRAHIM 1900 Antoniny.
This is a very popular sire line in North America and has been propagated mostly by the famous stallion, Negatiw (born 1945). There are many sons of Negatiw being used today. In fact one farm in the US devotes their entire program to Negatiw and line breeds extensively so there is no fear that this line will ever die out. The most famous son of Negatiw is probably *Naborr (born 1950). He was owned by Wayne Newton and Tom Chauncey and was a huge sensation when he was imported in 1963. Among his best offspring are *Dornaba (dbl. Nat'l Ch.),*Aramus (also Dbl. Nat'l Ch.) and Nat'l Ch. *Gwalior.
Besides *Naborr, Negatiw also sired the prominent stallions *Bandos, Wist, Buszmen (Nat'l Ch.), Cebion, Tinian, *Etiw (US Top Ten) and *Figaro (Polish Stakes winner). Negatiw stood at both Janow (1962-1968) and Michalow (1969-1973) Stud Farms and sired 19 sons and 54 daughters including Negotka, Bufa (dam of *Hal Gazal) and Piersnica.

Line XVI ILDERIM 1896 Slawuta.
This line is largely carried on through the stallion Miecznik,1931 and his sons Doktryner (x Blaga by Kuhailan Zaid) and the prepotent Aquinor (xAmneris by Amurath Sahib). Aquinor, though at stud only two seasons, sired some very lovely and noteworthy horses: Elkana,1 972 US Nat'l Ch, & *Elkin an outstanding double Nat'l Ch in 1971. *Eleuzis, Elf, Excelsjor and Tryptyk are all very good sires and sons of Aquinor also. This line is noted for the combination of beauty and quality.

LineXVII Koheilan Adjuze 1924 Babolna.
Noted for big valiant racehorses this line is quite restricted, unfortunately, coming through mainly one horse, the magnificent *Pietuszok (born 1954). *Pietuszok stood at Albigowa Stud from1958-60 and at Janow from1961-62 & also in 1968. The influence of this horse is greatly appreciated by today's breeders as it manifests itself in quality, beauty and speed. Notable sons of *Pietuszok (pronounced Pee-a-too-shock) are *Wosk, Derby winner, *Bajram, NatlCh., *Orzel, Nat'l Ch. Racehorse and showhorse and the ever influential *Gay Polka+++, Nat'l Top Ten Halter, West. Pl. etc. and sire of countless champions and excellent broodmares. *Pietuszok's daughters are among the finest in Polish breeding, notably, Orla who won the Polish "Triple Crown"(Oaks , Derby & Criterium) and then distinguished herself as the dam of the phenomenal race mare *Orgia. Also sired by *Pietuszok are Eliza (dam of Elf),Wilma (dam of Wist), Beatrice (dam of *Beander ) and *Harpia (Halter Ch. and dam of the excellent producer, Harpona).

Line XVIII KRYZYK 1876 Jablanow.
This line is the oldest extant Polish sire line and is represented through two major stallions: Kaszmir (born 1929) and Trypolis (born 1937). Kaszmir was a most astonishing racehorse winning all but one of his 18 races plus six stakes races. Unfortunately the only son of his to be used at stud was Geyran . Geyran is famous for siring the first Double National Champion, *Arwistawa. *Arwistawa also equaled a track record in Poland and won the Oaks. The better known Trypolis sired many wonderful stallions and broodmares. His famous sons are: Faher (sire of Banat, Almifar, El Azrak & *Barysz), El Trypoli, the unforgettable *Mohacz and the very influential sire of Patterson Arabians, *Cytrys. *Cytrys' impact in North America has been very strong through such sons as, Starguard, Cygan I and Boccacio, all Champions and sires of Champions into four generations.

Line XX KUHAILAN AFAS 1930 Gumniska.
Stallions used to continue this line are Arcus, a great racehorse and sire of *Branibor (who in turn sired the stakes winner *Dunajec) and *Bigotka a prominent broodmare at Patterson Arabians who produced six champions including *Bihar, Boccacio, and Negotka, the dam of Negatraz.
The most famous stallion of this sire line, however, is the ever popular, Comet (1953). Comet stood at Nowy Dwor 1958-59 at Janow in 1961, and at Michalow 1962-64. He died prematurely in 1964. The noteworthy sons of Comet are *Bajdak, Can &US Top Ten, *Carrador, Top Ten Park, *Czester+, *Meczet US Nat'l Ch. Park, *Wiraz US Nat'l Top Ten Park, *Zbrucz, US Res. Ch. Park, Ego, *Dar, *Flis and *Elaborat a race winner. As noted from all of the Park victories Comet horses have extremely lovely natural movement at the trot, but they are not noted for racing ability. Comet also sired 23 broodmares among whom are *Gydnia, *Halali Enchanted, *Bryzieda, Eunice, *Muzaa & Warmia.

Line XXI KUHAILAN HAIFI 1923 Gumniska.
This sire line is represented by the immortal Ofir and appears at least once in all Polish Arabian pedigrees. The two main representatives of this sire line are Witraz and Wielki Szlem. These two stallions are the lions of Polish Arabian breeding & their influence cannot be overemphasized.
Wielki Szlem (born 1938) was the stronger of the two stallions for racing. He sired such greats as Omar - Derbywinner, Czardasz - Derby, Dyska - Oaks, Kochana - Oaks, Don Lambro - Derby and the fabulous Czort (x Forta) 4/19 (13-5-1) Crit.+6. Czort's racing ability and beauty lives on through his sons, *El Paso, *Etan, *Czortan, *Krezus - Derby, Elfur - Derby and the magnificent *Sambor who has founded a racing dynasty in North America. Wielki Szlem sired 51 broodmares among whom are: Mira (dam of Mir Said), Gwara (dam of Gwarny, Gahdar (dam of Abu Afas who sired Comet), Angara (dam of Arax), Bint Munira (dam of Badr Bedr), Dyska (dam of *Dunajec) and Ellenai (dam of Eleuzis, Elf and Elbrus).
Witraz, (born 1938), though almost identically bred to Wielki Szlem was a completely different type. He sired 27 broodmares six of whom became dams of leading sires: Eleanora (El Trypoli), Bandola (Bajram, Bandos and Banat), Cosmosa (Cedr and Kord), Ellora *El Azrak, Elfur, *El Paso & *Ellorus), & Egeria (Ego ).
Celebes is one of Witraz's noteable sons. He sired the stallions, *Druch, Etap (his best son according to the Poles), *Rezus and *Mellon 3/24 (8-10-2) AP. 2x +1 leading sire of many noted racehorses worldwide, *Algomej - Polish Nat'l Ch., and *Aloes. Celebes left 44 broodmares including four Polish national champions: Algeria, Ekstaza, Elewacja & Mitra). Celebes is a full brother to the legendary mare *Caliope.
The most famous and wildly prolific son of Witraz is the leading show horse sire, *Bask, himself a National Champion in 1956. *Bask sired over one thousand foals and remains the leading sire of showhorses in North America. It is interesting to note that over 25% of all Arabians registered in North America have *Bask in their pedigrees.
Another highly successful showhorse and prolific sire of this sire line is the famous *Aladdin, 1975 US Nat'l Ch. and sire of many National Champions, and a grandson of Witraz.
*Witez II , also a son of Ofir is the sire of Wiertez who can be found in the pedigree of DWD Tabasco.
Though not as successful on the racetrack as Wielki Szlem's descendants, the descendants of Witraz dominate the showring.

Line XXIII Kuhailan Zaid 1923 Babolna.
This sire line is noted for strength, speed, substance and soundness. The stallion who represents it is Kuhailan Abu Urkub who sired two stallions at stud: Gabor and Grand. However, Kuhailan Abu Urkub is most famous for siring the immortal broodmare, Forta.
Gabor sired Bajdara who produced *Branibor and *Bajdak. Gabor is also the sire of the Derby winner, Mir Said. The other son of Kuhailan Abu Urkub, Grand sired Kord (the sire of *Escudo) and his full sister Czadra.
This line finds prominence today, only through the females Forta, Mantyla (dam of *Mellon), Mira and Bajdara.

The Polish Arabian has survived through the hardship of two wars, a restrictive Communist regime and now economic disaster. Add to this the rigorous test of the racetrack and an unrelenting culling process and you have a recipe for a truly great Arabian: superior in conformation, athletic ability, and representative of any and all Arabian types, whatever you perceive them to be.

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Posted 05 April 2009 - 08:37 PM

Thank You!

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Posted 08 April 2009 - 02:42 AM

What a great article. Thank you thank you.
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