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DQ-SU65W New 3.34 A 65 Watts AC Power Adapter for ASUS L Series Laptops

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DQ-SU65W New 3.34 A 65 Watts AC Power Adapter for ASUS L Series Laptops

DQ-SU65W New 3.34 A 65 Watts AC Power Adapter for ASUS L Series Laptops

This is a new 3.34 A 65 Watts AC power adapter and charger for ASUS L series laptops. This is a direct replacement for your original power adapter, and it''s backed by a 1 year warranty, manufactured by Denaq. Replaces the following ASUS L part numbers: DQ-SU65W Tip sizes are as follows. Each adapter fixture is lettered. The number that follows the letter is the outside then the inside diameter of the barrel tip in millimeters. (with pin) indicates a center pin in the adapter barrel. - A 6.0-4.4 with pin - B 5.5-2.5 Black - C 3.5-1.725 - D 6.3-3.0 - E 4.8-1.7 Yellow - F 5.5-2.5 Yellow - G 5.5-3.0 with pin - N 5.5-1.7 Yellow - N 5.5-2.1 Black - R 7.4-5.0 with pin - The following cables apply only to stock prior to August of 2011: - K475 4.75-1.7 - K550 6.3-3.0 - K630 5.5-2.5 Fits the following laptops: ASUS EEE PC 12G, ASUS EEE PC 20G, ASUS EEE PC 2G, ASUS EEE PC 4G, ASUS EEE PC 700, ASUS EEE PC 701, ASUS EEE PC 8G, ASUS EEE PC 900, ASUS A A8, ASUS A A8000, ASUS F F8, ASUS Z Z99, ASUS L L80, ASUS N N80, ASUS X X80, ASUS M M5000, ASUS M M5, ASUS S S5000, ASUS S S5, ASUS W W5000, ASUS W W5, ASUS A A9, ASUS F F2, ASUS F F3, ASUS Z Z53, ASUS S S, ASUS Z Z9, ASUS Z Z94, ASUS Z Z9400, ASUS Z Z96, ASUS M M9, ASUS W W7, ASUS U U5, ASUS A A2000, ASUS A A2, ASUS A A2500, ASUS Z Z80, ASUS Z Z8000, ASUS A A3000, ASUS A A6, ASUS A A6000, ASUS A A7, ASUS G G1, ASUS G G2, ASUS Z Z91, ASUS Z Z9100, ASUS Z Z92, ASUS Z Z9200, ASUS Z Z93, ASUS Z Z9400G, ASUS A A4, ASUS A A4000, ASUS L L3000, ASUS L L3, ASUS M M2000, ASUS M M2, ASUS M M2400, ASUS L L3500, ASUS L L3400, ASUS L L3800, ASUS M M6, ASUS M M60, ASUS M M6000, ASUS M M6700, ASUS W W3, ASUS W W3000, ASUS L L8, ASUS L L8000, ASUS L L8400, ASUS L L84, HP EVO N1000, HP EVO N160, HP PRESARIO 900, HP EVO N115, HP PRESARIO 1400, HP PRESARIO 14XL, HP PRESARIO 700, HP PRESARIO 1200, HP PRESARIO 12XL, HP PRESARIO 1600, HP PRESARIO 16XL, HP PRESARIO 1800, HP PRESARIO 18XL, DELL INSPIRON 8500, DELL INSPIRON 8600, DELL INSPIRON 500M, DELL INSPIRON 600M, DELL LATITUDE D510, DELL LATITUDE D531N, DELL LATITUDE D620, DELL LATITUDE D630, DELL LATITUDE D800, DELL LATITUDE D810, DELL LATITUDE D820, DELL LATITUDE D830, DELL PRECISION M20, DELL PRECISION M60, DELL PRECISION M65, DELL PRECISION M2300, DELL PRECISION M4300, DELL INSPIRON 500, DELL INSPIRON 1150, DELL LATITUDE D400, DELL INSPIRON 510M, DELL LATITUDE D505, DELL XPS M140, DELL LATITUDE D531, DELL INSPIRON 1520, DELL INSPIRON 1521, DELL VOSTRO 1500, DELL VOSTRO 1700, DELL XPS M1210, DELL LATITUDE 120L, DELL INSPIRON 6400, DELL INSPIRON 1501, DELL INSPIRON E1505, DELL LATITUDE 131L, DELL INSPIRON 1000, DELL LATITUDE 110L, DELL INSPIRON 1420, DELL VOSTRO 1400, DELL XPS M1330, DELL XPS M1530, DELL INSPIRON 9200, DELL INSPIRON 9300, DELL INSPIRON 9400, DELL INSPIRON E1705, DELL LATITUDE D410, DELL PRECISION M70, GATEWAY M M360, GATEWAY M M460, GATEWAY M M680, GATEWAY MX MX6000, GATEWAY MX MX6100, GATEWAY MX MX6200, GATEWAY MX MX6400, GATEWAY MX MX6600, GATEWAY MX MX6700, GATEWAY MX MX6900, GATEWAY MX MX8500, GATEWAY NX NX500, GATEWAY NX NX550, GATEWAY NX NX800, GATEWAY NX NX850, GATEWAY S S-7500N, GATEWAY S S-7700N, HP PAVILION DV8000, HP BUSINESS NOTEBOOK NC8230, HP PAVILION DV9000, HP PAVILION DV2000, HP PAVILION DV6000, HP PAVILION N3000, GATEWAY SOLO 1150, GATEWAY SOLO 1200, HP PAVILION N6000, HP PAVILION N5000, HP PAVILION XH, HP OMNIBOOK XE3, HP PAVILION ZE1000, HP PAVILION ZF, HP PRESARIO 2500, HP PAVILION ZE4000, IBM THINKPAD I I1720, IBM THINKPAD I I1721, IBM THINKPAD T T20, IBM THINKPAD T T21, IBM THINKPAD T T22, IBM THINKPAD T T23, IBM THINKPAD X X20, IBM THINKPAD X X21, IBM THINKPAD X X22, IBM THINKPAD X X23, IBM THINKPAD X X24, IBM THINKPAD A A30, IBM THINKPAD A A30P, IBM THINKPAD A A31, IBM THINKPAD I I1200, IBM THINKPAD I I1300, IBM THINKPAD A A21E, IBM THINKPAD A A22E, IBM THINKPAD R R31, IBM THINKPAD R R40, IBM THINKPAD R R32, IBM THINKPAD X X30, IBM THINKPAD X X31, IBM THINKPAD T T30, IBM THINK

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