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 Moss Out Lawn Granules 20 Lb

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Moss Out Lawn Granules 20 Lb

Moss Out Lawn Granules 20 Lb

Restricted States - AZ, CA, CO, IA, LA, MS, ND, NE, NM, OK, SC, SD, TX, WI, WY. Lawn moss is a common problem in many areas. Moss thrives in damp, shady lawns where the soil is acidic and drainage is poor. Under these conditions moss can spread into areas where grass once grew. If steps are not taken, moss can take over a lawn. Fortunately, moss can be quickly killed with applications of Moss Out Lawn Granules. Killing the moss gives grasses a chance to “reclaim” the lawn. Since grass may be slow to fill in bare spots, we suggest reseeding with a quality Lilly Miller grass seed. Moss Out Lawn Granuls has another benefit, It turns grass a deep green, the color most of us want for our lawns. Moss Out Lawn Granule has 10 percent Iron to kill lawn moss and green the grass. Because no fertilizer is added you get moss control and greening without excessive growth that requires frequent mowing. Directions - For best results, apply this product when the lawn is moist. Mow lawn to expose existing moss prior to application. This allows the granules to fall through the grass to the soil and go to work. Water in to hasten the moss killing action and greening process. Apply at the rate of 20 lbs. per 4,000 square feet for heavy moss infestations or 20 lbs. per 5,000 square feet for lighter moss infestations. One pound of this product is equal to approximately 1 and one half cups. Iron Will Stain. Use This Product On Lawns Only. Keep This Product Off Surfaces Such As Sidewalks, Patios, Wooden Decks, Driveways And Clothing. Sweep concrete surfaces immediately to prevent staining. If concrete is wet when contact occurs, staining may be impossible to prevent. Size 20 Lb bag. Active Ingredient Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate 32 percent. Search_Phrases: Lawn And Garden,Lawn Moss Killer,Moss Out For Lawns,Lawn Moss Control,Lawn Care,Lawn Products,Lilly Mille,Lilly Miller Moss Out Lawn Granules 20 Lb

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