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Play sessions with your puppy and young Dog are an integral part of providing that special bond between Dog and owner. This ensures that your dog grows up to find humans as a great source of pleasure and enjoyment.

Each session should be short in nature and include 3 to 4 short sessions each day. These play sessions tend to be a reward for good behavior. Some of the tools used during these sessions are Dog Toys, Puppy Toys, Dog Treats or any Pet Toy or Pet Treat.

Some of the most interesting dog toys are:

-Activity Dog Toys:

The different ranges of Dog Toys are intended to encourage play on their own and many hold Dog Treats. Kong Dog Toys are a great example. They come in flexible rubber that has a small hole through which they can be filled with Dog Food or Dog Treats. The Kong Dog Toys are suited for dogs when they are left alone. It’s a good Idea to have a different variety of Dog Toys to keep your dog from becoming bored.

-Dog Chew Toys:

Dog Chew Toys come in all kinds of varieties and include a great many Dog Toys and Dog Treats that help in proper Dental Care. Dog Chew Toys tend to focus on your dog's chewing instincts and focus on the toy, rather than areas that can become destructive with valuable items.

-Play Toys (click here for examples):

These types of toys should be designed for playing with your dog or dogs playing with each other. Dogs tend to want to play with these Dog Toys and especially the Dog Toys that have Dog Treats included. Keep in mind the types of games your dog enjoys best and use this information in determining which Dog Toys will be best suited for each dog.

-Puppy Toys:

Teething in young Puppies occurs at the age of 3 to 7 months. There are special Puppy Toys for this age of Dogs. Teething creates discomfort for your Puppy and Puppy Toys help ease this discomfort thru the chewing process. You want to encourage chewing at this age to help with this problem and certain Dog Toys specialize in this area.


Useful tips when using dog toys:

·Keep them readily available.

·Maintain special toys that they like the best for use in training sessions.

·Rotate The Dog Toys you use.

·Introduce new Dog Toys for maintaining their interest.

·Replace Toys when they start to deteriorate.



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[email protected]
1004 Gulf Rd Elyria, Ohio 44035

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