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BioLogic Scanmask Nematodes for Lawn and Garden

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BioLogic Scanmask Nematodes for Lawn and Garden

BioLogic Scanmask Nematodes for Lawn and Garden

For Best Storage keep refrigerated. BioLogic Lawn and Garden Scanmask is safe for people, pets, and plants, but deadly to over 230 pests. The 7million nematodes inside Lawn and Garden Scanmask actively hunt down and kill soil dwelling insects such as root maggots, cutworms, weevils, fungus gnats, white grubs, and many more! Each container of Scanmask will treat 200 square feet or 800 feet of row. It is easy to apply and the EPA has exempted Scanmask from any registration required for chemicals so you know it is safe for you, your lawn, and organic garden. When stored in the refrigerator, Scanmask will retain its potency for 20 months, allowing gardeners to buy it and then use it when they need it. Application: Lawn and Garden Scanmask can be applied as a topdressing or sprayed, but we recommend using it as a topdressing for best results. Nematodes prefer moist cryptic environments like the environment we provide for them in our packaging. Spraying exposes nematodes to UV light and the possibility of drying out, if they are not washed off foliage Indoor Plants: Indoor plants are especially susceptible to thrip and fungus gnats, where customers especially do not want to spray chemicals. Scanmask can be applied to the potted plants and results will usually be seen within one life cycle of the pest. BioLogic Company is a family owned and operated company. It was started by Dr. Albert Pye in 1985, and has grown to be the largest producer of beneficial nematodes in the United States. Dr. Pye did all of his post-doctorate work researching nematodes in Sweden, before returning home to start BioLogic.

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