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Aquatic Planting Media 25 Lb

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Aquatic Planting Media 25 Lb

Aquatic Planting Media 25 Lb

Easy to use and mess free potting media encourages healthy aquatic plant growth. Aquatic Planting Media is a unique blend of natural zeolite removes excess nutrients from pond water and concentrates them in the plant root zone without leaching. Securely holds plants in pots so plants can form strong root systems. Will not dissipate, cloud water, clog pump or filters, or alter pH. Recommended for all potted aquatic plants. Directions for Use: Aquatic Planting Media should be fully saturated with water for ease of use. 1.Pour Aquatic Planting Media into a clean bucket and fully cover the granules with water. 2.Prepare the pot for Aquatic Planting Media by covering any holes with a piece of nylon screen, or weed barrier material to keep the Aquatic Planting Media from leaking out. 3.Add about 3 inches of presoaked Aquatic Planting Media into bottom of pot or basket. 4.Place one or two PondCare Aquatic Plant Food Tablets into the pot, as Aquatic Planting Media is not a fertilizer substitute. 5.Arrange the plant roots into the pot and gently cover roots with Aquatic Planting Media and fill the pot to about 1" from the rim. 6.Top off with decorative stones. 7.Slowly lower the pot into the pond. There will be some trapped air in the soil. It will bubble out as the plant is lowered into the water. Caution: Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes, open sores or cuts. Wash exposed skin thoroughly after use. Keep out of the reach of children. Size: 25 Lb. Ingredients: Arcillite Zeolite, Search_Phrases: Aquatic Plant Care,Pond Plant Care,Aquatic Planting Media,Aquatic Plant Food, Plant Care,Pond Planting,Aquarium Pharm Pond,Aquatic Planting Media 25 Lb

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