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Espoma Compost Starter 3.5 Lb

Espoma Compost Starter 3.5 Lb

Espoma Compost Starter is the finest compost starter available. Add it to your new or exising compost pile to accelerate the composting process and get the most nutrient rich compost material possible. Espoma Compost Starter works using billions of tiny microbes specifically cultured to aid in the decomposition of some of the more difficult to compost organic matter. For the best results, use compost starter in conjunction with regular aeration and pH balancers. Composting Tips and Ideas: Reduce the size of your waste to speed up the composting process - Any organic waste can be composted including kitchen scraps and yard clippings. - If your compost has an odor, it has become anaerobic and requires more turning to allow air to penetrate the center. Compost Starter Instructions: Add 1 cup of compost starter to every layer of compost material. Layers should be between 6 In to 12 In deep. Moisten the compost starter and compost material between each layer. Turn the pile to allow air to penetrate the center of the pile. Ingredients: Compost excelerator. Size: 3.5 Lb. Search_Phrases: Garden Supplements,Composts, Composting,Gardening,Organic Gardening,Lawn And Garden,Espoma Company,Espoma Compost Starter 3.5 Lb

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