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Applied Bio Chemists Weedtrine D 1 Gal

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Applied Bio Chemists Weedtrine D 1 Gal

Applied Bio Chemists Weedtrine D 1 Gal

Weedtrine-D is a broad spectrum liquid aquatic herbicide for use in and around still lakes, ponds, ditches, non-crop or non-planted areas. It contains 8.53% active diquat dibromide (6,7 dihydrodipyrido [1,2-a: 27, 17-c} pyrazinediium dibromide).Weedtrine-D acts as a contact killer in plants by disrupting cellular membranes. Loss of these membranes allows the active ingredient to move into the plant and 'short circuit' photosynthesis. Advantages Of Weedrine-D, ? controls a broad range of aquatic plants including submerges, floating and emergent weeds and certain filamentous algae.? Is specifically formulated for homeowner use for spot treatment of small weed patches or back yard ponds.? Kills plants quickly through rapid absorption,and? is easy to apply.? Has a low toxicity to fish and other aquatic organisms.? Can be used in non-crop or non-planted areas such as around buildings, fence lines, driveways, patios, etc. Submersed Weeds - apply 5 - 10 gallons of Weedtrine-D per surface acre.Floating Weeds - apply 2 - 5 gallons of Weedtrine-D per surface acre.Marginal (emergent) Weeds - apply 5 gallons of Weedtrine-D per surface acre.Algae apply 0.5 - 1.5 ppm.SIZE 1GAL. Search_Phrases: Pond Treatment,Pond,Pond Products,Applied Bio Chemists,Applied Bio Chemists Weedtrine D1 Gal

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