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Applied Bio Chemists Aquashadow 7.15 Oz

Applied Bio Chemists Aquashadow 7.15 Oz

What Is Aquashadow? Aquashadow Is A Blended Formulation Of Water Soluble Dyes Designed For Use In Lakes, Ponds, Decorative Water Features And Other Impounded Bodies Of Water With Limited Outflow. Aquashadow Beautifies Murky, Cloudy Or Off-Colored Water With A Pleasing, Natural Aqua-Blue Tint. Convenient No Mess Application.BASIC FACTS AQUASHADOW contains Acid Blue 9 and Acid Yellow 23. Water may be used for irrigation or fishing immediately following application. Allow AQUASHADOW to disperse before swimming. Do Not apply AQUASHADOW to water used for human consumption. Treated water will not stain exposed surfaces. Treated water will not harm fish, waterfowl, pets or wildlife. Chlorinated water will cause fading, requiring high dosages or more frequent treatments. APPLICATION RATE Apply AQUASHADOW at the rate of one packet per acre-foot of water. Use the following formula to determine the water volume: Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) x Average Depth (ft.)/43,560 sq. ft. = Acre-Feet METHOD OF APPLICATION Remove packet(s) from outer plastic bag(s) with a dry, gloved hand. Apply by gently tossing into the water body. Space packets evenly. In aerated systems, quicker dispersion will occur if placement is near diffusers or water turbulence. Additional AQUASHADOW packets may need to be added to maintain desired coloration following dilution or water exchange. CONTAINER SIZE AQUASHADOW is packaged (7.15 oz./203 g) packets. Box of 4Ingredients:Acid blue 9 dye; acid yellow 23 dye in water soluble packets. Search_Phrases: Pond Treatment,Pond,Pond Products,Applied Bio Chemists,Applied Bio Chemists Aquarium Aquashadow 7.15 Oz Box Of 4

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